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  • Halal food : Les petits pots bébé HALAL Révolutionnent le rayon bébé au Salon International de L'Agroaliment
    Les petits pots bébé HALAL Révolutionnent le rayon bébé au Salon International de L'Agroalimentaire de Paris À l’occasion du salon SIAL 2012, qui se déroulera à Paris du 21 au 25 octobre 2012, l’entreprise marocaine AGRO-FOOD INDUSTRIE, leader mondial sur le marché de l’alimentation infantile HALAL, présentera sa gamme de p
  • Halal food : VITAMEAL Baby, the first global range of HALAL baby food jars, who conquered the world, arrives in P
    Presented at SIAL PARIS, the Global Food Marketplace, from 21 to 25 October 2012, VITAMEAL BABY will present his 50 references of baby food jars, certified HALAL,  meeting all of a Baby's nutritional needs: fruit, Vegetables, fish, meat, prepared foods, drinks baby…. Dishes for all tastes, deliciously prepared to satisfy baby. Why a halal baby
  • Halal food : The Naturally Halal baby food jars
    Halal baby food jars should fill the stalls of the rays of the largest retail chains in France. Carrefour, Casino, Cora ... Naturally Halal Small jars for Baby arrive in France AVS certified by the body, these dishes made which now contain meat and / or fish, "allow young Muslim mothers, more active, to save time while being certain to offer
  • Halal food : Company
    AGRO-FOOD industry is the 1st WORLD SPECIALIST in the manufacturing of infant food HALAL with a range of more than 50 references. Our factory, completely new, conceived by respecting the quite last European standards, guarantees a quality of manufacturing and hygiene in the strictest respect for the procedures HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Contr
  • Halal food : AGRO-FOOD INDUSTRIE export to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia halal baby food jars
    2011 is a year of conquest for AGRO-FOOD INDUSTRIE, the world leader of halal baby food… Last year AGRO FOOD INDUSTRIE exported, its first containers to France, Belgium and Australia…the first container to Saudi Arabia left, the ultra modern factory located in Marrakesh, in May 2011. The Halal baby food jars are going to supply all the Ki
  • Halal food : Baby Food
    Baby eats often Baby eats often... but what should we give him to eat? When should we help him discover new tastes, new flavours? without forgetting the risk of allergies... our advice... From birth your baby is bottle-fed or breast-fed. This milk will bring him all the nutritional elements essential for his development: iron, minerals,
  • Halal food : Food diversification
    Starting food diversification for my baby Mother's milk or baby milk is the main food for babies starting from birth up to 4 months. Vegetables are the first to be introduced as a variety in your baby's diet, starting at 6 months. You are advised to introduce vegetables one by one, one flavor at once, try also to choose the perfect tim
  • Halal food : A new halal feeding products for babies
    A new halal feeding products for babies The up coming of halal food products specialy made for babies has been welcomed with great anthusiasm. What is a halal product ? Halal is an arabe term used to designate food seen as "permissible" according to the islamic religion. To be considered as halal, the animal from where the meat is comi
  • Halal food : The risks of food allergies
    The risks of food allergies The principal allergens before the age of one are eggs, peanuts and cow's milk. The principal allergens between 1 and 3 years are eggs, peanuts, milk, peanut oil, mustard. In order to minimise the risk of allergic reactions and to develop an appreciation for new tastes, choose simple recipes with one main flav